Internet Advertising Set to Overtake TV Spending as Rapid Growth Continues; DIGITAL MEDIA, BESPOKE FEATURE MEDIA WALES

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THE amount of money spent on internet ads in the UK will be worth more than that spent on TV by the end of 2009, according to new research.

The new findings from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), the UK online advertising trade body, reveal a continued healthy growth as online looks set to overtake spending on TV by the end of 2009.

Display, search and classifieds all experience impressive growth Total internet display advertising spend saw a 31% year-on-year increase, whilst the core formats - banners, skyscrapers and embedded rich media including video - grew by 45% to pounds 592m.

Furthermore, spend on embedded formats has doubled during the past two years to account for 79% of total display.

Paid-for search marketing is maturing, but not slowing, as marketers become more sophisticated in their use of the medium.

In 2007 search grew by 39%, in line with overall growth, to pounds 1.6bn (pounds 1.2bn in 2006), while its market share remained largely the same at 57.6% (57.8% in 2006).

Brands are now using search more intelligently, getting a greater return on investment through "key phrases" and more accurate targeting that reflects consumer behaviour.

Classified advertising saw a 54% year-on-year growth and was worth pounds 585.3 million in 2007, as consumers and marketers recognise online's exceptional reach, flexibility and immediacy. …