Rape Crisis Faces Possible Closure Due to Lack of Donors

Article excerpt


A CITY non-profit organisation that helps rape victims, their families and communities affected by sexual violence, has started to scale down its services and faces possible closure unless donors are found to rescue it from its financial predicament.

Rape Crisis could no longer pay its 40 to 60 volunteers, was on the verge of reducing the working hours of fulltime staff and considered reducing operations at three sites, the NGO's operations manager, Kathleen Dey, said.

She said that unless donors were found soon, the organisation's staff faced pay cuts and the NGO the inevitable - closing its doors.

"Our funders were mainly foreign donors. They have moved their funding from groups that focus on gender-based violence, to either organisations in other countries or provinces poorer than the Western Cape.

"We need every little bit of financial support we can get, especially from the corporate sector. This (sexual violence) is a problem that is ours, it is the country's and it is a problem we all have to work on solving. …