The Razz: TAKE THAT, BRITNEY; Exclusive Boys Hit Back at Spears in Album Name Row

Article excerpt


TAKE THAT vow they'll not change the name of their new album - even though it has the same release date and title as Britney Spears' LP.

The Manchester group's ' fifth album, The Circus, is out on December 1, the same week Britney's Circus hits the shops.

But yesterday their manager said: "The boys have worked on this for months, like Britney, and we certainly won't be changing the title.

"When you work that far in advance, it's impossible to know what people will call albums.

Erasure had an album Circus.

The name is not copyrighted.

"I doubt there will be confusion. Fans will either ask for the new record by Take That or Britney Spears."

Britney's camp were also steadfast. An insider said: "Britney is not likely to change the title. She announced it two weeks ago.

There won't be confusion - Take That are great at what they do and everyone is excited about Britney's comeback."

Gary Barlow went on Radio 1's Chris Moyles show yesterday to debut their new single Greatest Day, penned by the entire group. …