Child Welfare Prepares Report

Article excerpt

BYLINE: Kanina Foss

and Alex Eliseev

JOHANNESBURG: Before the week ends, Child Welfare hopes to complete a report on the eight-year-old boy whose father kept him at his Olivedale home, hidden from the outside world, for four years.

Child Welfare said yesterday that social workers had visited the 68-year-old father in hospital as well as his son, who was in the children's psychiatric ward of a hospital here.

Khosi Msibi, head of the Child and Family Unit, said: "(The boy) is calm and getting well. He's getting treatment."

It remains unclear whether police are investigating.

A source at the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit responsible for the area said the unit had not been involved and was not sure whether an investigation was under way.

On November 17, the boy was found by neighbours who were alerted by his pleas for food.

He was holding out two 5c coins through a gap in the wall and asking employees of a business across the road to buy him something to eat.

The boy's father had been taken to hospital five days earlier after collapsing and calling an ambulance. …