National Rural Congress Tackles Poor Folk's Woes

Article excerpt

This in gist is the aim of the Second National Rural Congress (NRC) which is being held at the San Carlos Seminary in Guadalupe, Makati, the CBCP said yesterday.

"It is actually a call for the whole society to pay attention to the rural poor," said CBCP National Secretariat for Social Action Justice & Peace and Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo.

Pabillo said there is a need to address the situation of the rural poor because it is only by addressing their problems that poverty can be solved.

"Many times their plight is not paid attention to. In fact, in the name of development many of this rural poor are being forgotten or either victims of so called development. So this is a way of asking the whole society to pay attention to them, because we will never solve poverty much more urban poverty without solving rural poverty," Pabillo said.

He said the two-day congress which ends today will map out CBCP's next action plan for the poor.

"What is more important would be our post congress activities that should result from this. …