RP Cosmetics Industry Urged to Become Globally Competitive

Article excerpt

The Philippine cosmetics industry should bring their products to the global market and become globally competitive.

This was urged by Cecilio K. Pedro, president of the Chamber of Cosmetics Industry of the Philippines (CCIP) and the ASEAN Cosmetic Association (ACA) during the cosmetics industry fair, dubbed "Pilipinas, Ang Ganda Mo!" held at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall recently.

He said: "Today we are challenging you to bring your products to the world. We believe that our products are world-class and the Filipinos are world-class. "

Pedro, also the CEO and President of Lamoiyan Corporation, strongly exhorted Filipino entrepreneurs to do their best to become globally competitive.

The 76-member strong CCIP is one of the oldest and biggest associations in the Philippines representing the cosmetics industry in the Asian Harmonization Directive, a program that started on January 1, 2008 under the ASEAN Free Trade Association (AFTA).

"Many of them are supplying our cosmetic industry so it is in their interest that the cosmetic industry can be more competitive. "They can also bring their products to the ASEAN market because they are also facing competition from the region, " Pedro said.

According to Pedro, the CCIP members meet twice a year to voice out concerns on the industry, disseminate to manufacturers and traders policies, regulations, and agreements as part of the ASEAN Harmonization Directive.

The ASEAN Harmonization Directive is observed among the AFTA member-countries, for each country to be able to send products to the nine other member-countries without any barriers, without need for registration, and enjoying preferential taxes. …