City Wins out in Battle for Care of Young Immigrant; Bill Must Be Met by London Council

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LIVERPOOL City Council are not responsible for the upkeep of a mysterious young asylum seeker currently in its care, the Court of Appeal ruled yesterday.

The council took action against the London Borough of Hillingdon after one of its officers dumped the boy at a council building in May with a Paddington Bear-like letter explaining why he was the city's responsibility.

Liverpool last night welcomed the decision saying it brings "clarity" to the issue. Hillingdon now faces a bill for legal costs that could top tens of thousands of pounds as well as meeting the cost of housing and looking after the boy, known only as AK.

The Appeal Court judges ruled in Liverpool's favour saying Hillingdon had failed to give any consideration at all to the boy's welfare needs.

Instead the borough took the "simplistic view" that his wish to live in Liverpool was "determinative of the matter".

The mystery boy's age remains in doubt because he came to the UK on a false passport.

A spokesman for Liverpool City Council said: "We are pleased that clarity has now been brought to this issue. …