TO BEARD OR NOT TO BEARD; Famous and Not So Famous Beards

Article excerpt

Byline: Melinda Siegmeier

BEING lazy used to be an excuse for not shaving; now guys are growing facial hair on purpose.

The mighty beard is back (apparently) and Rockhampton's Jarrad Rapley isn't afraid to show his off.

With stars like Brad Pitt, Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney making beards look sexy, who can blame men around the world for following the newest trend.

But according to Jarrad, it's not as simple as just not shaving for days.

He says it's all about grooming and trying something different.

"I cut mine into a strap - it was just something to do but I change it every now and then," he said yesterday.

The Morning Bulletin found Jarrad showing off his beard at the Oxford to River Street Party and thought it was a great example of a new age beard.

"I think beards are pretty cool, but it depends on how you wear them," Jarrad said.

"You've got to trim it and shape it.

"I trim mine every few days but like to try different styles."

A beard is hair that grows on a person's chin, cheeks, neck or above the upper lip.

Throughout history, men with facial hair have been ascribed various attributes such as wisdom, sexual virility, high social status and sometimes filthiness.

Now it's seen as a way to shrug off the metrosexual look. …