Youths Commit to Fighting Corruption, Environmental Degradation

Article excerpt

Young people in Indonesia's East Kalimantan province promised to take action against corruption, violence and environmental destruction at a recent church-held meeting.

"We pledge not to get involved in any form of corruption and violence. We promise to care for and actively participate in the environmental protection movement," they declared at the end of their Feb. 28 meeting in Samarinda, the provincial capital.

Seventy young people representing Catholic, Muslim and Protestant groups attended the "Youth Voice II" program at Samarinda Catholic archdiocese's youth formation center. The program, organized by the archdiocesan commission for youth, featured discussions on corruption, violence and environmental destruction, as well as musical and other artistic performances.

Holy Family Fr. Yohanes Kopong Tuan, who heads the commission, said the program is to follow up on the National Meeting of Young Catholics of Indonesia and the Grand Synod of the Indonesian Catholic Church, both held in 2005.

At the meeting, Antonius Maria Zakaria Roedy Haryo Widjono from the archdiocese's commission for socioeconomic development quoted data from the national Commission for Corruption Eradication. He said East Kalimantan province reported 395 corruption cases in 2007 but only 140 were pursued. …