Sculpture Celebrates 100-Year Journey; Lifesize Art Brings History to Life

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TWO lifesize figures leaping out of a bright orange wall were unveiled to mark the centenary of a Liverpool school.

The bronze sculptures by Liverpool artist Tony Evans were officially unveiled at St Cecilia's junior school, in Tuebrook, yesterday.

Symbolising two students taking their first steps into the world, the artwork marked 100 years of teaching at the Catholic school, off Green Lane.

Bishop Thomas Williams blessed the piece at a special ceremony marking the exact day the first foundation stone was laid.

Head teacher Charles Coyne said: "We asked Tony to create a centenary piece for us and the design he has come up with is wonderful. Everyone loves it.

"We recently built a new extension with two classrooms and an entrance, and this artwork really finishes it off.

"It shows how far the school has come in 100 years." Mr Evans based his figures on his three grandchildren, who all attended the school, including one who is still there, and etched their names into the work.

He said: "I wanted to create something special to celebrate the school and saw the terracotta wall, more than 20ft high, as the perfect place for a sculpture.

"I started thinking about school life and how children grow up and leave primary school for junior school and junior school for secondary school.

"It is a long journey, but it begins with those first steps, so I created two child figures taking their first steps on that journey and stepping out of the school into life, creating 'the long journey'. …