Research Unit Seeks Bullying Victims

Article excerpt

THE UK's only centre for research into workplace behaviours is looking for people who have been bullied in the workplace to take part in its important research.

The Centre for Research on Workplace Behaviours at the University of Glamorgan's Business School is conducting a piece of research and would like to hear from people who consider that they are being bullied in the workplace.

People will be asked to document their actual experiences of workplace bullying on a day-to-day basis through a diary study. There is very little research documented in a diary format about the actual experiences of bullying in the workplace, where as many as one in four people in the UK have suffered at the hands of bullies. The centre research looks at the causes and effects of workplace bullying and other behaviours in businesses and organisations throughout the UK and further afield.

Professor Duncan Lewis of the centre said, "By asking people to keep a diary record of their thoughts and feelings over a specific period, we can begin to look at the behaviours, persistence, prevalence and severity of people's experiences of being bullied at work. …