Auctions Secure the Sales

Article excerpt

Under current market conditions many properties should be sold through the auction process, says Michael Shay, Principal of LJ Hooker Ballina.

"Agents are reporting excellent sales, month after month, showing that the market is firm. Demand for homes is high and good homes are selling strongly. There are also plenty of buyers in the market, which can lead to good healthy competition for properties" he said.

To help vendors capitalise on the traditionally extra busy spring property scene, LJ Hooker introduces the Spring AuctionFest right across Australia from October 1-31.

"We are giving vendors an opportunity to attract buyers through widespread promotion and publicity and benefit from special incentives."

Michael says auctions support property owners in aiming for the best selling price while at the same time giving buyers the opportunity to improve offers in relation to other buyers and increase their chances of making the purchase.

"Prices are still varying from market to market and even with the best data available it is very hard for agents to predict an accurate selling price for a property. …