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Byline: Mike Harris

1. Identify the sport which is the subject of this newspaper headline and the full name of the individual concerned - BRILLIANT BECKY REIGNS IN SPAIN. 2. In the world of Ashes cricket what links these dates? - 1896, 1934 and 2009.

3. In which of Shakespeare's comedies does Jaques finish his speech with the following words: "Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything." 4. Whose sons founded the royal house of Gwynedd and for how long did it continue to function?

5. What did the metallurgist, Alexander Parkes (1813-90) invent in 1862 that was immensely important in the development of man-made substances? 6. Complete this scientific statement: "Without ------ the world would be lifeless, dark and still."

7. What have an African country and a graffito character with a bald head and a long nose who was forever looking over a brick wall and complaining about material shortages - "Wot, no bread?", "Wot, no engines?" , "Wot, no char?" in common?

8. Which two famous artists were portrayed by Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn in Vincenti Minelli's 1956 movie entitled "Lust For Life"?

9. Complete these countries' names which run in a N-S direction beginning with the US state of Alaska and ending at the Cape of Good Hope: i) C-----, ii) U----- S-----, iii) M-----, iv) G--------,, v) E- S--------, vi) N--------, vii)C---- R---, viii) P----- ix) C-------, x) E------ xi) P---, & xii) C---10. The Open golf championship can be held at any one of fifteen courses. Rewrite the following five venues correctly: FURIMDILE, GRUMBLESHUS, ESCARUTION, TERRYBURN & TIPSWRECK father who formed its basis.

He led the Votadini military (from SE Scotland/NE England) in their successful elimination of Irish invaders from North Wales thus making Gwynedd eventually possible.


Alexander Parkes created the first man-made plastic substance and, predictably, called it Parkesine.


The completed sentence reads, "Without ENERGY the world would be lifeless, dark and still."

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