Pupils Climb on Board with BTG for Waste Water Treatment Plant Design Project

Article excerpt

Byline: Richard Wray

Agroup of Ysgol Gyfun Dyffryn Teifi students designed a waste sampling device as part of their EESW project.

Working with pharmaceuticals company BTG plc in Wales, they were advised how the business closely monitored discharge from its waste water treatment plant to ensure it remained within discharge consent limits.

BTG, who are committed to working with the community, were also assessing discharge from their manufacturing facilities, as waste water enters the treatment plant through underground pipes.

As part of the evaluation, a design brief was initiated to develop a warning should these facilities discharge waste with high or low pH content. High volume pH waste streams can destabilise the waste water treatment system and delay the neutralisation process.

The team were asked to design and build an automated sampling system that could be used to draw water from sub-surface drains or the local water course, to take discrete samples of 100ml at one-hour intervals over a 24-hour period and store each sample on board.

It had to be capable of measuring the pH of each sample, recording and storing data.

The system needed to be fully portable and where practicable, capable of operating as a self-contained unit without the need for external power. …