Sparx but No Fire after Premiers Lose to Incas

Article excerpt

Byline: Richard Harvey

SPARX bid to win the Maryborough Softball Association senior women's premiership for the fourth consecutive time didn't start as they would have wanted.

Incas Cobalt saw to that in the opening round of a new season on the Searle Street diamonds.

The young Incas team won the showdown 4-2.

Not a bad effort when you consider the Incas line-up included mostly under 14 and 16 players.

Dylan Hard (two) and Katie Thorburn gloved catches in the win.

But that win wasn't the only won the Incas club had to celebrate in the senior ranks.

Incas Silver, whose line-up this season includes many of the players who helped the club win the B grade premiership last year, crushed last season's losing grand finalists, Aztec Apaches, 8-3.

Leanne Murtagh smashed a home run and took a catch in the impressive win for Incas.

Dana Muller (three), Trisha Mathiesen (two), Josh Hartwig and Kim Daley also took catches for Incas while Brooke White and Stacey Liesegang gloved catches for Aztec Apaches.

In the other game of the round, Aztec Arrows were beating Aztec Cherokees 14-2 when one of Cherokees players got injured and with no replacements available the game had to stop there and then because Cherokees didn't have enough players required to be on the field. …