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DID you know that a 19th century Wrexham footballer was known as the "prince of goalkeepers?" He is one of 5,000 whose biographies are available on the new site.

Also included:. David Lloyd George, (1863-1945), the first Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor, statesman; born 5 New York Place, Manchester, 17 Jan 1863. The biography notes: "On the death of Lord Kitchener, Secretary for War, in May 1916 , Lloyd George was appointed his successor. In Dec. 1916 Asquith resigned and Lloyd George became Prime Minister.

"One of the most important acts of his Premiership during the war years was the establishment of unity of command of the allied forces."

. The famous Painter family of Wrexham which ran a printing and publishing business in the 1700s and 1800s.

We learn: "The three Painters were skilled printers. It was the father who printed Philip Yorke's Royal Tribes of Wales, 1799, and Edward Edwards's edition of Browne Willis, Survey of the Cathedral Church of St. Asaph, 1801.

The largest work undertaken in the office was John Humphreys's translation, published 1813, of Samuel Clark's Family Bible.

. Owain Glyndwer (1354-1416), 'Prince of Wales' Within a long entry is written: "There is a tantalisingly elusive quality about Owain's career; it is impossible to do more than guess how the immediate occasions of the rising fit into the pattern of general social discontent which brought his leadership the support of a proud and conservative peasantry making its last protest against the interaction of alien institutions with the old native way of life."

. Stanley, (Sir) Henry Morton (alias Rowlands, John ) (1841-1904), explorer, administrator, and author; b. …