City Lawyers Warn Firms of Employment Law Changes

Article excerpt

Byline: Ben Schofield

LIVERPOOL lawyers are warning about a raft of changes to employment law that could hit Merseyside firms in the coming months.

April sees the one of the twice-annual changes to UK Employment Law, with the introduction of new policies that will have a profound affect on businesses.

From extensions to paternity leave, the right for employees to request time off for training to reversing the current "sick note" to "fit note" culture, firms are set to be landed with an "administration nightmare", the largest being the Equality Bill.

The Bill, published in April, 2009, and currently in the House of Lords, is expected to receive Royal Assent this spring, bringing disability, sex, race and other grounds of discrimination under one piece of legislation.

Created by the Minister for Women and Equality, Harriet Harman, it aims to reduce any existing pay gaps between male and female workers.

Head of Employment Law for CLB Business Solutions, Will Burrows, criticised the legislation. He told LDP Legal: "If the Bill successfully passes through the House of Lords this month and is introduced as part of legislation, businesses employing over 250 staff are likely to be dealt an administrative nightmare."

Mandatory pay audits to any business employing over 250 staff will required in an attempt to address unequal pay scales. …