Spoken English in English Drama Media

Article excerpt

Aspects of spoken English study, and speaking and listening, have featured frequently in EDM. The following is a list of previous articles which may be useful (all available free to NATE members to download at www.nate.org.uk). The next issue of EDM (Issue 17, June 2010) will also contain features on the British Library Sounds Familiar website, and on issues in the teaching of grammar.

Issue 1 (Jan 04): Aiming High: Teflon and Rockets--New Possibilities for Knowledge about Language. Gill Murray sets out a vision for teaching about language in English from 11-18

Issue 2 (Jun 04): Vision Off--Using Radio in English and Drama. Clive Edwards discusses ways of bringing radio into the classroom.

Issue 3 (Jan 05): Scots in the English Classroom--A Wee Problem. Liz Niven examines the status of Scots in Scotland and its implications for English teaching

Issue 4 (Jun 05): Speaking in Deeds--Shakespeare and Pragmatics. David Crystal illustrates how grammar can assist interpretation in Shakespeare

Issue 5 (Jan 06): On Air, Online--Developing children's voices through radio jounalism. …