ORDERS MUST PAY HALF EUR1.3BN ABUSE COMPO; ..and Survivors Will Be Short-Changed

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RELIGIOUS orders that subjected youngsters to child abuse must pay at least half of the EUR1.3billion compensation bill.

But survivors have hit out at the Government for sharing just a fraction of the money with them.

It has emerged Taoiseach Brian Cowen plans to use some of the compensation cash to build a new children's hospital.

Tom Cronin, from the Irish Survivors of Institutional Abuse International, said the victims were being "robbed".

He added: "The money should be given to the survivors. It could be given in the form of a pension or something.

"This is totally unacceptable. All the money that's coming from the orders should go to the survivors. Anything else is like robbery."

The Government said it plans to get tough with the 18 religious orders involved, including the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy, and demanded t h ey cough up an extra EUR200million.

They want to achieve a 50-50 split between the state and Church in the final bill which could end up at EUR1. …