COKE DOPE; BOXING Ex-Champ Joe Is Savaged by His Sworn Enemy

Article excerpt

Byline: Tom Hopkinson

CARL FROCH has attacked Joe Calzaghe's 'coke-adope' lifestyle.

Former world middleweight king Calzaghe apologised to family, friends and fans after he admitted taking the drug in the year since his retirement.

Even though Froch, 32, would love to take on Calzaghe in a winner-takes-all clash, he says there is no chance the Welshman could return to the ring.

Froch, who defends his WBC super-middleweight belt against Dane Mikkel Kessler next Saturday, said: "Calzaghe has just been stupid. I said it years ago, I think he's a little bit simple, a bit thick.


"He was bragging and being lairy about cocaine and talking about smoking marijuana and I just thought, 'What an idiot'.

"Playing like you're the big, clever man, it was just cringeworthy. To spill your guts to someone who you think is a potential sponsor, I've got no sympathy for him.

"I don't feel sorry for people who are simple and idiots.

"He has no business in the professional boxing ring after his latest revelations and he looks about 14 stone anyway."

Froch and Calzaghe have long been bitter rivals. The Nottingham fighter repeatedly accused the then world champion Calzaghe of ducking him, while the Welshman said Froch was not box office.

Froch said: "I wanted Calzaghe when he was WBC champion, I wanted to fight him, to prove I was the best, but he vacated the belt rather than fight me.

"So if he didn't want to defend it then, why would he want to come back now? "It's him who keeps coming back talking about me, saying, 'He's got the belt that I gave up'.

"Well, make me defend it against you then. …