Financial Marketing Awards Evolves into a Department of ABA Bank Marketing

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The ABA Financial Marketing Awards will evolve from an annual competition into an on-going "idea exchange" starting this month in ABA Bank Marketing magazine, the ABA Marketing Network has announced.


Marketers and advertising agencies are encouraged to submit examples of their best marketing campaigns to the "Idea Bank" section of ABA Bank Marketing magazine. There is no charge for submissions.

Representative submissions will be published in each issue of the magazine throughout the year. Submissions can be downloaded on a CD or DVD and sent by regular mail. The type of submissions that can be sent include print, online and broadcast (radio and television).

Use the following file formats for the following type of submissions:

* TV videos: QuickTime and and Windows Media Player.

* Print ads, direct mail, Internet, brochures, POP: PDFs, jpegs or tifs.

* Radio ads: wav files. (Include a written transcript of the radio ad.)

To send a submission, download the Idea Bank submission form found on the ABA Marketing Network Web site. Fill it out, and include it in the package with the CD or DVD. With each submission, include a "statement of objectives" summarizing the campaign's purpose and results in 250 words or less. The statement of objectives should be in a Word document.

Send the envelope by regular mail to:

Walt Albro, Editor,

ABA Bank Marketing magazine,

1120 Connecticut Ave, N.W.,

Washington, D.C. 20036-3971.

Please limit the number of components for each campaign to no more than 10. Submissions can be made throughout the year. There is no deadline.

You will be contacted if any of your submissions are selected for publication in ABA Bank Marketing magazine. Please do not telephone to enquire whether your submission will be used. Five copies of the publication issue will be mailed (without charge) to the address of the contact person making the submission.


All financial institutions that belong to ABA, or marketers who belong to the ABA Marketing Network, as well as their advertising and marketing agencies are welcome to send submissions.

Questions? Contact Walt Albro at (800) 226-5377, ext. 5428; e-mail:

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