THe DreAm wHisperer; What Does Your Dream Really Mean - and Why?

Article excerpt

Here, our Dream Whisperer, Davina Mackail, a qualified nurse, hypnotherapist and counsellor, interprets a reader's dream Dear Davina I have a recurring dream where I invite people to see my newly decorated bedroom in an old house. We all walk towards the bedroom along a corridor, I turn to the right, the people disappear and I'm looking from a balcony down through missing floors; all I see there is old rubble. What does this mean? From Jane Dream houses reveal a great deal about the emotional and psychological state of the dreamer. Different rooms reflect different aspects of the self. Bedrooms are suggestive of intimacy, love and sex, besides being the room you sleep in. A newly decorated bedroom indicates you've given yourself a makeover recently, or have entered a new relationship or a new stage of an existing relationship.

In your dream, however, you are in conflict over this process. Part of you wants to show off the improved you, or your new relationship status, to the world -- that's why you're inviting people in. But another part of you is not convinced these improvements are sustainable, hence the pile of rubble illustrating your fear that these changes or the relationship could disintegrate. …