And the Hits Keep Coming

Article excerpt

Is there a 12-step group for people hooked on addiction literature? There should be, given the million little drug stories out there. The latest is about a literary agent turned crack fiend, but is his tale that different from--well, the rest? Match the excerpt to the book:

The Night Of the Gun by David Carr

Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel

Manchild In the Promised Land by Claude Brown

Portrait of An Addict As a Young Man by Bill Clegg

Postcards from the Edge by Carrie Fisher

1. He feels the high at first as a flutter, then a roar. A surge of new energy pounds through every inch of him, and there is a moment of perfect oblivion where he is aware of nothing and everything. A kind of peace breaks out behind his eyes.

2. I know we did lots of "more." That's what we called coke. We called it more because it was the operative metaphor for the drug. Even if it was the first call of the night, we would say, "You got any more?" because there would always be more--more need, more coke, more calls.

3. And then it seemed like everything in me all of a sudden just came out, and I vomited. …