Jane Addams Teachers to Plant Organic Garden

Article excerpt

Submitted by: Tim Waldorf, District 15

Third-grade teachers at Jane Addams School are ready to see just how green their thumbs can get.

The group recently attended a workshop titled Exploring School Gardens. This workshop helped the teachers prepare themselves for the introduction of an organic garden at Jane Addams.

"School gardens connect students to their schools by developing within them a sense of pride and ownership, which, in turn, improves their attitudes toward school," said Nancy Froy, a third-grade teacher at Jane Addams.

"School gardens also promote good nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and they foster an increased awareness of environmental issues."

The teachers, along with Principal David Morris, Assistant Principal Monica Petersen, School Nutrition Services Director Bobbie Desprat and School Nutrition Services Assistant Director Kristin Voigts, will begin setting up the garden this summer so it will be ready when incoming third-grade students return to school in August.

Along with the garden, Jane Addams' third-graders will participate in a program titled Fresh from the Farm. This unique curriculum provides students experiential learning opportunities about such themes as the environment, our food system and nutrition and health.

Each month, students will taste various fruits and vegetables; learn when, where and how they are grown; identify their unique traits; and find out what nutrients and health benefits they provide.

"We are real excited to start this project at Jane Addams," said Annette Mongoven, a third-grade teacher. …