Facing Execution, British Mother Accused of Drug Dealing

Article excerpt

Byline: Liz Hull

THE daughter of a leading British nuclear physicist is facing the death penalty after being arrested for drug trafficking in Malaysia.

Shivaun Orton, 41, was held after police found [pounds sterling]16,000 of cannabis, amphetamine, ecstasy and heroin during a raid on a holiday resort she runs with her Malaysian husband.

The mother of two teenage sons, Miss Orton is the daughter of the late Mike Orton - an eminent health scientist who worked at the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment in Aldermaston, Berkshire, for 36 years.

She grew up in the pretty Welsh coastal town of Harlech.

It is understood Mr Orton and his wife, Shirley, 67, were estranged from their daughter, who police yesterday described as a heroin addict.

Mr Orton - who died aged 72 - attempted to make contact with his daughter before his death from cancer in April last year, but failed.

Her parents had not spoken to her for more than five years.

Possession or dealing of cannabis, amphetamine and ecstasy carries a sentence of life imprisonment in Malaysia, but possession of more than 15 grams of heroin carries the death penalty. Execution is by hanging.

It is understood Miss Orton admitted five cannabis plants found in her bedroom were hers and for personal consumption only, but denied possession of the heroin.

Reports in Malaysia suggested her husband, Abdul Harris Fadilah, 46, who has also been arrested, confessed that the 225 grams of heroin seized by police was his.

He claimed to have got his wife hooked on the Class A drug after she threatened to leave him and return to the UK.

The couple, who have two sons, aged 14 and 16, run the Ranting Resort, offering [pounds sterling]15-a-night backpacker bungalows on the beach in the eastern town of Cherating, on the border of Pahang and Terengganu states. They are being held in Kemaman police station in Terengganu on suspicion of drug dealing and have been remanded in custody until Sunday. …