Putin: I Love My Puppy

Article excerpt

MOSCOW (AP) - Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says he loves Buffy, his new puppy, even though the Bulgarian shepherd leaves puddles and piles around the house. Buffy, a cute caramel-and-white-patched dog, was given to Putin by Bulgarian counterpart Boyko Borissov in Sofia last month. Last week a young Russian boy won a national competition to name the male dog. Asked Thursday during a live call-in show as to how Buffy's doing, Putin replied: ''Excellently.'' Putin said: ''He draws me huge puddles around the entire house, and leaves piles. But he's a very pretty boy, of course, and I love him.'' Putin, who was referred to as ''Alpha Dog'' by US diplomats in a leaked diplomatic cable published recently by WikiLeaks, is in his element around animals.


CAIRO (AP) - Archaeologists found what may be a trove of 3,400 year old statues on the west bank of the ancient temple city Luxor, said the head of Egypt's antiquities department on Thursday. Teams unearthed two rose granite statue fragments from an area west of the burial temple of Pharaoh Amenhotep III earlier this week, said Zahi Hawass. One fragment, the first of its kind, he said, depicts the baboon head of the god Hapi with a human body. The other is a fragment of a statue of the body of Amenhotep III, whose funerary complex is one of the largest archaeological findings in Egypt. The area to the west of the temple was previously thought to have been used for only housing and agriculture.


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Scientists have discovered the oldest reported raptor-like dinosaur in eastern Utah. The Bureau of Land Management said Thursday that the Geminiraptor suarezarum is believed to be 125 million years old. …