Log on to a Great Job; Careers in Systems Analysis

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What does a career as a systems analyst involve? Systems analysts are employed by a company to examine their IT systems and processes, and recommend improvements.

Work ranges from integrating the telephone and computer networks in a call centre, to re-structuring a bank's customer account databases to make them more secure.

It involves drawing up plans for a modified or replacement IT system; working with programmers and software developers to build the system; overseeing installation and testing for problems (''bugs''); and providing staff training and instruction manuals for the new system.

An important part of the job would be to make sure designs are flexible enough to adapt as the organisation or business grows (this is known as 'future-proofing').

If you are familiar with information technology and have a flair for problem-solving, a career as a systems analyst may appeal.Emma Thompsonlogged on to find out more What skills are needed? You need a broad knowledge of hardware, software and programming, as well as excellent communication skills.

A creative approach to problemsolving, the ability to work under pressure and a willingness to keep up-to-date with developments in technology is required.

What training do you need? To work as a systems analyst you normally need a relevant BTEC HNC/HND or degree, backed up with experience. …