Cuts Won't Bring You Devastation, Prime Minister Tells City Council

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Byline: Rob Merrick

DAVID Cameron risked reigniting his feud with Liverpool Council yesterday when he protested people wrongly believed his Government's cuts would bring "devastation".

For the second time in a week, the prime minister picked out the Labour-run authority as he argued Whitehall grant reductions could be managed without hitting frontline services.

At a "Big Society" event, at which he predicted cuts would make him personally "unpopular", Mr Cameron challenged his audience to guess how many years of grants would be wiped out by the front-loaded cuts imposed on town halls. ldp For News, Sport and Business on your phone He asked: "Who wants to fill in the gap? What do you think, from reading the papers? 1985? 2007? In the case of Liverpool, the case I quoted in the House of Commons the other day, the level of grant they are getting, by 2013, it will have gone all the way back to 2009 - so we have got to get this into perspective.

"Yes, some of these cuts are difficult, but I think sometimes we are getting out of perspective the sort of level of spending and the level of grants local authorities are going to get. I think that is a really important point to make.

mobile "People ask about libraries. Libraries are vital, but if you are going back to 2007 grants, there was a good network of libraries in 2007. …