Our Love-Hate Relationship with Money

Article excerpt

Money--we want more of it; we love it and all that it affords. Yet it can be the root of some of life's most devastating experiences--divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and destitution.

However, money isn't the problem. Just like guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people, the same misplaced blame is applied to money. Money isn't your problem; your relationship with money and what you do (or don't do) with it is the problem.

Last month I showed you how you can take something that scares you and fear it no more by simply changing your perspective about it. Just in case you don't recall, the subject was selling, and I had you take the four letter word sell, cross it out and replace it with help. Focusing on helping rather than selling not only makes the entire experience far more comfortable and enjoyable, but it's actually the key to being successful at it.


This month, I want to alter your mindset about this all-important force in our lives, now formerly known as money. Take this five letter word money and cross it out. Now replace it with value. Stop thinking about money as money, and start understanding it as value. That's all money is: paper that denotes value. How do you get more money? Create more value. Period. That's it.

If you are employed, why does the company you work for pay you money? Mistakenly, most people say, "for my time." That's incorrect. If that were true, you could just come in and sleep. …