Will Kate, Her Prince and Sir Sean Remake Chariots of Fire?

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Byline: Brian Pendreigh

HE is 'the greatest living Scotsman', while they are preparing for the wedding of the year.

Yet Sir Sean Connery is to join forces with Prince William and Kate Middleton - in a new version of Chariots Of Fire.

The bizarre collaboration is for a film to mark the 600th anniversary of the founding of St Andrews University.

Sir Sean has come out of retirement to collaborate on the movie with St Andrews graduate Murray Grigor, the Scottish film-maker and writer with whom he wrote his book Being A Scot.

Sir Sean, who received an honorary doctorate from St Andrews in 1988, will narrate the feature-length film, which will celebrate the history of the university and hopefully lead to more bequests from wealthy former students.

The two men have worked together on various drafts of the script, with Sir Sean adding personal comments and 'asides' to the historical account to provide an element of humour. Grigor said: 'The first thing is to make a film which is not a dry account of the 600 years of glory. With Sean, there will definitely be a wide appeal. He has got really involved and he adds a lot.' Sir Sean, who previously collaborated with Vangelis on a recording of the poem Ithaca by Greek poet Constantine Cavafy, helped secure permission to use the composer's famous Chariots Of Fire music. It will be used in a reenactment of the opening scene from the 1981 Oscar-winning film, in which Britain's Olympic athletes, including Ian Charleson as Eric Liddell, run barefoot over the West Sands and up past the Royal and Ancient clubhouse. …