Leadership within Law Firms Vital

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MOOLOOLABA law firm Munro Thompson hosted a conference for 50 lawyer members of the Law Australasia group on the Coast last week.

And they invited Canadian author and management consultant Gerry Riskin to run a day of workshops at Mantra Mooloolaba.

The group is an association of independent law firms from around Australia and New Zealand. It is almost 20 years old and convenes events twice a year to exchange ideas and information and learn about best practice for collective improvement.

Mr Riskin's Edge International organisation counsels firms in India, America, Europe, South America and Australia on governance, structure and how they compete for clients.

He addressed the topic of leadership.

C[pounds sterling]I touched on 27 principles...the things leaders need to do one-on-one with the people they lead, and what they do to get a group going in a good direction and in harmony,C[yen] he said.

C[pounds sterling]They also need to help the group figure out how to be profitable by being efficient and provide services that are highly needed. They need to learn to compete in a wholesome way for clients, so they are focused on why it is beneficial to the client.

C[pounds sterling]How can these firms be exemplary? If you have a great clinic of doctors, you assume those doctors teach each other and share information.

C[pounds sterling]Law firms are not known for fostering innovation but a great law firm has to listen to ideas from its people. …