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Trees have hit the headlines recently thanks to two Government initiatives.

Its plan to sell large areas of forest and woodland met with strong disapproval and showed the public's great affection for trees. The change of mind was swift and welcomed by many. On a more positive note, the recently launched Big Tree Plant scheme is encouraging people and groups in cities and towns to plant trees in their neighbourhood. The goal is to plant a million trees in England in the next four years and government grants are available. If you are interested in trees in the urban environment, an important event on the subject will be held locally.

The international conference Trees, People and the Built Environment takes place in Edgbaston, on April 13 and 14.

For the first time in Britain this urban tree conference brings together the widest range of practitioners, researchers and professional organisations concerned with urban landscapes or the built environment. The conference features a wide array of speakers, from as far afield as Africa and the United States, who will present new and relevant research from both the natural and social sciences. …