V T Quiz

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1 Who plays the bride in Danny Boyle's Frankenstein's Wedding, a live event on BBC Three? 2 Who takes a look at life in Britain in BBC Two's factual programme This Is Britain? 3 Albert Steptoe's culinary finesse was edging a pie with his what? 4 In which BBC drama does Matt Smith play novelist Christopher Isherwood? 5 Who was the test pilot of Supercar? 6 Whose mistress is Margaret Schroeder in Boardwalk Empire ... ? 7 ... And who plays her? 8 What was the family business of The Sullavan Brothers (1964-5)? 9 What's the name of Sue Johnston's character in Waking The Dead? 10 Which Gavin And Stacey star played WPC Bayliss in Z Cars? 11 Who played the lead role in the TV series Spartacus: Blood And Sand ... ? 12 ... And who took on the role in the six-part gory prequel Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena? 13 Who played Ronnie Corbett's domineering mum Mrs Lumsden in 1980s sitcom Sorry? 14 Which Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps actor plays handyman Ollie in the BBC Three sitcom White Van Man ... ? 15 ... And who plays his ailing father Tony, whose business Ollie reluctantly takes over? 16 Which Charlie's Angel actress went on to play Jackie Kennedy in the 1981 TV movie Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy? 17 What's the name of the camp tour guide in Channel Four's Coach Trip? 18 Who devised, produced and directed the ground-breaking series That Was The Week That Was? 19 Who did a 24 hour panel show marathon for Comic Relief 2011? 20 True or false? Martin Shaw once appeared in Coronation Street as skinhead Robert Croft.

21 Which series of the 1960s followed the exploits of crime-fighting skydivers Ted McKeever and Jim Buckley? …