Planned Parenthood on Catholic Campuses; Time to Unbed with Abortionists and Renew Commitment to Life

Article excerpt


What do the Catholic Church and Planned Parenthood have in common? Sounds like a joke, but there's no clever answer. And there's nothing funny about it.

Amid the debate over federal funding for Planned Parenthood, we've heard that the international contraceptives peddler is also the largest abortion provider in America. Its founding leaders have been accused of racial motivations to reduce the numbers of unfit Americans. And no, Planned Parenthood doesn't provide mammograms.

So what two institutions could be more opposed in principle than Planned Parenthood and the world's traditional leading defender of sexual purity, the Catholic Church?

A simple Web search turned up more than 150 instances of Catholic colleges publicly associating with Planned Parenthood. And those ties to the family planning outfit most likely are indicative of more numerous problems not touted publicly on the college websites.

As reported last week by The Washington Times Catholic Colleges Have Ties to Planned Parenthood, Page 1, Thursday), the Web search was conducted by my organization, the Cardinal Newman Society, with the results posted on our website.

We have been reporting scandals of this sort for 18 years: Catholic colleges honoring pro-abortion politicians, hiring dissident theologians, presiding over campuses where the decadence is so obvious that Planned Parenthood parks its clinics just blocks away. At many Catholic colleges, the promise of formation outside the classroom is empty - and teaching inside the classroom can be dangerous to a student's faith.

Not at all Catholic colleges, mind you. There are others that are both faithful and academically serious, recommended in our Newman Guide to Catholic colleges.

But the fact is that Catholic higher education has greatly secularized over the past 50 years and most Catholic colleges need a renewal of their Catholic identity. The Cardinal Newman Society reports information on college scandals to make the case for renewal and for the benefit of families that are unaware of the tragic secularization of once faithfully Catholic institutions such as Georgetown and DePaul universities and Boston College.

Too often parents and students are duped by such wayward Catholic colleges, which publish flashy brochures touting values and a Catholic heritage. Too often, the truth is that their campus environments and dissenting professors lead students away from the Catholic faith. …