By the Way. Don't Revoke the Yolk, It's Good for You

Article excerpt

MY mother always limited us to one egg a day for fear of making our blood fatty. Recently I have become an omelette addict and so decided to research for myself the good, the bad and the ugly of eggs. Was mother right -- or will an egg a day keep the doctor away?

In part it appears we need to blame the Americans for portraying the egg as ugly. Back in the 70s they started to spread the word that the only egg you could ever consume was a 'bad egg'. This is why the egg white omelette always appears on menus in the U.S.

They encouraged us to revoke the yoke because of its cholesterol content and ironically placed the fat-free egg white omelette alongside home fries, fatty burgers and ice-cream sodas!

The truth is that eggs are good, they are full of protein and nutrients, they are cheap and they contain only 80 calories. So in the current climate of obesity and austerity, we should be choosing them not losing them.

Currently at least a third of the population believe we should be restricting ourselves to three eggs a week for fear our cholesterol will skyrocket. This message is wrong, with scientific evidence showing us that although eggs contain cholesterol we need to focus specifically on reducing our saturated fat in our diets -- so that's out with the fatty meat cakes and pies and in with the egg. …