Bigger Forces at Work in Keating Chat, Says Tubridy

Article excerpt

Byline: Rachel Hussey

HE is no stranger to star wars and has reserved his toughest interviews for political heavyweights like Gerry Adams.

So when Ryan Tubridy invited Ronan Keating on The Late Late Show in March, viewers expected the singer to get a grilling over close encounters with dancer Francine Cornell.

When Keating got off lightly, the audience was bemused. Keating had admitted that the 'friends' had hammered out a pre-show pact. At the time, Tubridy said: 'I meet all my guests prior to the show.' However, he has now suggested external matters had come into play.

In an interview with TV Now magazine, he said: 'I think there were bigger forces at work as regards to what happened that evening and that's for another day. I had to do what I did and we'll move on.' Tubridy went on to claim that some viewers had praised his decision not to ask Keating about marriage problems. He said: 'I have letters on my desk over on The Late Late Show from people saying well done for not going through the gutter for information.' And despite his penchant for using Twitter to promote his shows, he hit out at fellow journalists for using the site.

According to Tubridy, there was a much bigger deal made out of the Ronan Keating interview because there was 'a lot of store being put on a few angry voices on Twitter'. …