Headbang Horror; Knock Has Put Me in a Muddle

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Q: I BANGED my head a month or so ago and I felt so stupid. The thing is, I haven't felt right since. I wasn't knocked out but I don't feel myself. I can't concentrate, I'm not sleeping like I used to and generally I just feel run down. Any idea what's the matter with me? Ben Coleman, Coventry A: IT may be coincidence that since you banged your head you're feeling this way. The symptoms you describe could be down to depression or possibly even having a problem with your thyroid gland.

Or you could be experiencing a condition called "post-concussion syndrome".

This is a relatively poorly understood condition that follows a head injury, with or without loss of consciousness.

It's not clear why it develops, or why some people develop it and others don't.

It's thought structural damage to the brain and the nerve transmission messaging system plays a part in some people and that psychological factors are involved. …