Three Psychiatric Hospitals to Shut

Article excerpt

Byline: Liza Williams

THREE psychiatric hospitals in Liverpool are set to close.

All mental health day centres in the city will shut their doors by the end of this financial year, according to health chiefs.

Mossley Hill Day Hospital, for dementia sufferers, has been earmarked for closure, along with Park Lodge, in Newsham Park, Fairfield, and Waterloo Day Hospital.

All three are run by mental health trust Mersey Care.

Park Lodge looks after adults below the age of 65 with mental health problems, and Waterloo those above 65.

Staff contacted the Daily Post expressing concern for patients.

One worker said: "Day hospitals were set up to enable people to be cared for in the community, so to take them away is ridiculous.

"I am scared for these people's safety, and think the move will put more pressure on acute hospitals in the long term."

Another added: "Everyone is worried about the vulnerable people who come to the hospital - where are they going to go? Council services in these areas have been cut already, so we do not understand who is going to care for them. They could end up walking the streets."

A spokesman for Mersey Care said a review was being carried out with the council and Liverpool Primary Care Trust (PCT). …