Alexandra Pelosi

Article excerpt

Byline: Interview by Rebecca Dana

The documentarian, and daughter of Nancy, talks about lazy Americans, philandering politicians, and why her mother will never sext.

For your new film, Citizen U.S.A., you interviewed immigrants around the country. The result is a relentlessly sunny take on one of the most divisive issues in America right now. Why so upbeat?

I thought it was a contrarian thing to do, to make a documentary that says only positive things about America. Everybody knows immigration is tearing this country apart. I wanted to celebrate people who go through the process legally.

Is the United States still the Promised Land it used to be?

The American dream is thriving for immigrants who come here and want the basics: water, free speech, democracy. Americans are just fat and happy. They're lazy. They take everything for granted. If you turn on Fox News you think, who'd want to live in America anymore? All they do is complain about everything that's wrong in this country. The point of this film is to show Americans who were born here how spoiled they are.

You famously filmed George W. Bush for Journeys With George but have since sworn off making political documentaries. …