Lack of Funding Takes on Toll on Charity; Cash Shortage Won't Stop Work

Article excerpt


CHARITY chiefs today pledged to boot racism out of schools and tackle the influence of the English Defence League - despite an pounds 80,000 funding gap.

Show Racism the Red Card chief executive Ged Grebby criticised the "growing influence" of the EDL in the region's schools and claimed a "rise in Islamophobia" and the increased support for far right organisations.

Today he said his charity - which was originally formed in Newcastle in 1996 with the aim of booting racism out of football - had plans to grow its operations and tackle the issue. But Government cuts an1d a reduction in local council spending has meant the charity has seen more than pounds 80,000 disappear from its budget.

Mr Grebby said: "The issues have become much more complex than 15 years ago, especially with the rise of Islamophobia and the EDL. The EDL has latched on to this and exploited the issue."

He added: "Public sector cuts have had an impact on all charities and although we have made a loss this year, the success of previous years has meant we were able to use some of our reserve funds."

To date, Show Racism the Red Card has 39 staff and 15 retired footballers who work to combat racism. …