'Corruption and Poverty Have Biko Turning in His Grave'

Article excerpt

PRETORIA: In September 1977, a young Steve Bantu Biko was murdered by the apartheid government in a cell at the Pretoria Central Prison.

Thirty-four years after his death, those advocating his black consciousness ideology claim that he is probably turning in his grave over the rampant corruption and poverty being experienced in South Africa.

Members of the Socialist Party of Azania (Sopa), the Pan Africanist Movement (PAM) and the PAC yesterday gathered at the cell in which Biko died, to commemorate the anniversary of his death.

It was an emotional affair as they entered through the gates of what was the hospital section of the prison, singing Struggle songs in remembrance of a man who used to strike fear in the apartheid government with his pro-black ideology and influence among the masses.

Sopa youth president, Thami Hukwe, said Biko's ideas were still alive as many black people still experienced the same hardships that he was advocating against.

"Black people still have to contend with poverty in their own land and poor health facilities. …