The Hottest Ticket in Town

Article excerpt

Byline: Ramin Setoodeh

After the box-office hit 'real steel,' Hugh Jackman is creating a frenzy (again) on broadway.

There's something about watching Hugh Jackman on Broadway that makes grown women (and a few men) behave like 13-year-olds at a Justin Bieber concert. They shriek. They hoot. They giggle. They create such an unruly mob outside his stage door that three cops push the crowds back. And it's happening again with the recent arrival of Jackman's one-man show Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway.

The evening is a throwback of sorts. Jackman tap-dances and sings his favorite standards like "Singin' in the Rain" and "Luck Be a Lady," backed by an 18-piece orchestra. Many movie stars who head to the Great White Way are diminished by the bright lights. For Jackman, the opposite is true. "Nothing beats live theater," he says. "I love getting to interact with the audience." On a recent night, he yanked two unsuspecting men onstage for an impromptu twirl with his showgirls. When he belts out "Over the Rainbow," he feels like Broadway's last great superstar.

His successful stage run started in 2003, when Jackman took on the role of Australian singer Peter Allen in The Boy From Oz. …