Tully by Any Other Name Is Just Cicero

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QUESTION The W.B.Yeats poem Mad as Mist and Snow name checks Homer, Horace, Cicero and Tully? Who was Tully? THE name Tully mentioned in this poem by Yeats was in fact Cicero, who was given the anglicised name of Tully in the 18th century, derived from his middle name, Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Cicero was a Roman philosopher, statesman, lawyer, political theorist and constitutional expert, who wrote volumes of epic works. He lived from 106 BC to 43 BC.

One of his works, the five-volume De Finibus De Officiis, was concerned with ethics. When it was republished in London in 1702, Cicero was given the name of Tully and the volumes were also referred to as Tully's Offices. The influence of Cicero during the 18th century was enormous, even if he had been given another, anglicised name.

From 1736 to 1792, the fourth year undergraduate course at Trinity College included Tully's Offices on the curriculum.

In recent times, Bono has been influenced by the work of Yeats and in 1989, the 50th anniversary of Yeats' death was marked by an event at the Abbey Theatre, on April 30. Bono presented his adaptations of Yeats' poems, September 1913 and Mad as Mist and Snow.

Keir Gibson, Bryansford, Co. Down.

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