If It Looks Just Too Good to Be True ... It Usually Is

Article excerpt

A BELLVILLE man couldn't believe his good fortune when he found that more than R200 000 had been deposited into his bank account. But his good fortune has turned sour as he has been forced to return the money.

Su Hung-Wen, 34, received a R219 751 surprise on April 16 when the amount was "inadvertently" paid into his account. However, he was hauled to court after he allegedly refused to pay back the money that was accidentally deposited.

This is according to Leon Richards, the financial and operations director of Smart Phone, the company that was supposed to receive the payment.

In an affidavit, Richards said the money was meant to be paid to the company by an insurance broker for a claim it had made.

Its premises in Rosebank, Johannesburg, had been struck by lightning in March, damaging its switchboard.

His affidavit formed part of a civil interdict application to the Western Cape High Court, asking the court to force Hung-Wen to pay back the money. …