REVERSE GEAR; CLARKSON 'SHOOT STRIKERS' U-TURN JEREMY U-TURN Clarkson: I'm NOT Sorry, I've Done Nothing Wrong JEREMY U-TURN Clarkson: Er, I Apologise If I Have Upset Anyone JEREMY U-TURN

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JEREMY Clarkson was yesterday forced to apologise for his TV rant about killing strikers.

The Top Gear host had refused to say sorry for his crass remarks. But furious BBC bosses threatened disciplinary action and he made a humiliating U-turn hours later.

Clarkson, a friend of David Cameron, said: "If the BBC TURN TO PAGE 4

FROM PAGE ONE and I have caused any offence, I'm quite happy to apologise for it alongside them."

Clarkson had angered millions of striking public sector workers when he said on The One Show they should "be executed in front of their families". When approached by the Mirror at 2.08pm yesterday, he insisted he wouldn't apologise.

The bullish 51-year-old said: "What I was actually doing, was presenting two different opinions for the BBC's impartiality.

"I support the strikers in the first part. I said it was like being in the 70s, my favourite decade.

"Then I said, but this is the BBC so we have to be impartial, and I expressed an extreme version of the other side of the coin, neither of which I believe. I expressed two different views. Which one do I apologise for? I am just making fun of the BBC's need to be impartial. …