'Anti-Gay Remark'probed at Maties

Article excerpt

STELLENBOSCH University is investigating a complaint that a residence leader made an anti-gay slur at a student gathering.

The comment was apparently made after a presentation by the Student Representative Council and members of the Mojo (Maak Oop Jou O- Open your Eyes) Project to welcome first-year students to the university.

"Ek wil net se ek is teen gays (I just want to say I am against gays)," Michiel Engelbrecht, a Dagbreek house committee member, is believed to have said.

The Cape Times was unable to reach Engelbrecht yesterday.

Dan Hofmeyr, one of the complainants in the matter, said the purpose of the presentation was to discuss issues, including sex and sexuality and to promote conversation and understanding.

She is a law student involved with the university's LesbiGay organisation and Mojo. The presentation took place outside the Dagbreek residence about a month ago.

Hofmeyr said Engelbrecht had stood up to thank members for the presentation when he made the comment.

"My face dropped. A couple of the first years started clapping their hands. And the next thing I knew all of the boys were applauding and rejoicing this statement," Hofmeyr wrote on the VryeStudent blog. …