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U.S.-Egyptian detained:

CAIRO -- Egyptian officials say a dual U.S.-Egyptian citizen has been detained because he faces trial in a case of pro-democracy groups receiving foreign funds. The officials said Sherif Mansour was detained Sunday as one of 43 defendants, including 16 Americans, on trial in the case that has upset Washington.

Yemen says 21 al-Qaida killed:

SANAA, Yemen -- Yemeni military officials say 21 al-Qaida militants have been killed in a southern province where the Islamists took advantage of the country's political turmoil last year to seize entire cities. Officials say 13 al-Qaida fighters were killed in clashes with troops outside the city of Jaar.

Turkish women protest:

ANKARA, Turkey -- Thousands of demonstrators on Sunday staged the largest protest yet against plans by Turkey's Islamic-rooted government to curb abortion, which critics say will amount to a virtual ban. Around 3,000 women gathered at a square in Istanbul's Kadikoy district.

Al-Qaida leader video aired:

CAIRO -- Osama bin Laden spent all his personal wealth on jihad, considering meat and electricity as luxuries so he could save his money to help fund terror attacks, according to recollections from his deputy and successor, Ayman al-Zawahri, posted online late Saturday.

Panetta sends signal to China:

CAM RANH BAY, Vietnam -- U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta used a historic visit Sunday to Vietnam to make clear Washington's intent to aid allies in the Asia-Pacific region develop and enforce maritime rights in the South China Sea, which Beijing largely claims.

Edict aids embattled Iraq PM:

BAGHDAD -- An Iranian-based Shiite Muslim cleric Sunday published a religious edict that could undermine efforts to unseat the Iraqi prime minister and also signaled Iran's growing influence over Iraq's politics. The ruling was issued by Ayatollah Kazim al-Haeri, spiritual mentor of anti-American Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

Libyan court hears appeal:

TRIPOLI, Libya -- Libya's Supreme Court is reviewing an appeal from rights groups to revoke a law that criminalizes glorifying ousted leader Moammar Gadhafi. Rights lawyer Salah al-Marghani told the court Sunday the law is similar to Gadhafi-era measure aimed at stifling dissent and jailing the opposition.

Syrian leader defends action:

BEIRUT -- Syrian President Bashar Assad defended the crackdown on opponents Sunday, saying a doctor performing messy emergency surgery does not have blood on his hands if he is trying to save a patient. …