Move Your Bodies: Technology in Physical Education and Health

Article excerpt

Robert P. Pangrazi. (2006).

Dynamic physical education for elementary school children, 15th Ed. [Hardcover].

ISBN-13: 978-0805379082; $34.99 new/5.00 used


Did you know that you can create your own games, sports, and outdoor adventures--not just play based on someone else's ideas?!... Think about your favorite games or sports. What do you like about them? Are the rules easy to follow? Do you play on a team or by yourself? Can you move around a lot or just a little? Do you play inside or out? Do you need special equipment or technology? Share some of your favorites with your teacher and classmates. What do they have in common? How are they different? What types of games in physical education (PE) or gym class do you like the most?


Your health is crucial. Without good health and physical education, we wouldn't know how to take care of our bodies. Good health transcends language and differences around the globe. Even when people don't agree about many things, they share a desire for good health. But, what does "good" mean? It means different things to different people. What do you do every day to move your body? Do you play a game or a sport? What does good health and physical activity mean to you?

student introduction

Be an eyewitness to the creation of sports, outdoor adventures, games of all kinds, and the amazing technologies that make up some of the most popular interactive video gaming devices!

Learn how gaming systems like the Microsoft Kinect and Wii work, discover the history of different games and sports, and understand what basketball, soccer, volleyball, and football have in common.

From athletics to video games, learn about the amazing world of physical education and health and how it is being transformed every day by existing and emerging technologies, new types of sports equipment, and various outdoor adventures.

design brief

Suggested Grade Levels/Ages: Grades 3-5, Ages 8-11

project ideas

After reading sections from Pangrazi's textbook Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Children together and discussing the students' favorite games and sports, you and your students can research different types of sports or games online. Then, your students can:

* Write a history of their favorite game or sport.

* Create a game using common household items or recycled items.

* Discover how they can play different games using different types of technology, such as the Wii or Microsoft Kinect.

* Create a report or multimedia presentation about how gaming technologies work.

* Research how different sports equipment, such as racquets or balls, are made.

* Research different game or sports categories.

* Research and create a slideshow or video about thier favorite sport or game.

* Draw a picture that illustrates their favorite sport or game and what it means to them.

teacher hints

* Review the different types of games, sports, gaming technologies, or sports equipment, sports basics, athletic techniques, sports vocabulary, proper handling of different sports or gaming equipment, digital interactive gaming systems, and techniques or technologies available for creating their own games or sports. …