Beautiful Brooklyn

Article excerpt

Byline: Gaia Light and Alessandro Cosmelli

Two photographers capture the grit and tenderness of the famous borough.

We took these photographs through the window of the bus.

Attracted by the prospect of confronting the complexity of the United States, which was about to be reshaped by a historic election, we moved to Brooklyn from Italy in 2007 on the eve of a dramatic transition for America. Living in Brooklyn, feeling its special energy, and experiencing its complexity was an ideal way for us to try to better understand America in this unique time.

Not owning a car, we quickly discovered that the bus was a perfect way to get around and to see what was going on in the streets. The bus carries a special quality of truth, which makes each ride an intimate experience, different from what is experienced on trains. We were intrigued by the diversity, the vibrant atmospheres, the roughness, and the sweetness we saw. This was the story we wanted to tell. The images in this photographic series, which we call Brooklyn Buzz, were inspired by Robert Frank's famous and influential 1958 photographic project From the Bus, New York. …