New University and NHS Partnership Will Help to Improve Health Research throughout South Wales

Article excerpt

A NEW partnership is set to bring together 10 universities and NHS organisations in South Wales to strengthen the impact of health research and improve health and well-being throughout the region.

The South East Wales Academic Health Science Partnership aims to reduce fragmentation in research and development and accelerate health improvement in line with Welsh Government policies.

"We will be working closely with industry and research funders, and bringing together researchers, managers, practitioners, patient groups, planners and policy makers to help ensure research really delivers," said the partnership's interim director, Professor Susan Denman, based in the hub at Cardiff University. "There is some exceptional health research and education in South East Wales, but much of it is being done in isolation," she added. "We want to make it much easier for researchers to collaborate - this will mean we are all working more efficiently and effectively and delivering outcomes that really improve health in the region."

The partnership covers an area from the English border to the Vale of Glamorgan in the south and west and Merthyr Tydfil in the north. …